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We are…

…a bunch of happy-go-lucky travel enthusiasts who want to make the world aware of everything Croatia has to offer. We like to explore the “paths less travelled”, discover lacklustre restaurants with amazing (and very affordable) meals, climb mountain tops, swim hidden beaches…In other words, in addition to all the must-visit spots (a.k.a. tourist traps), we also have the information only the locals have (and jealously keep to themselves).

We want to…

…provide tourists (past, present and future) with a true feel of Croatia. Everyone knows that Croatia is a beautiful country with an amazing natural beauty and a long history. We will not bore you with the historical facts and figures, with the political or religious makeup of the country. You do not need to know how many square miles Croatia has or who the President is (unless you really want to!). You like the sea? We got it. You like mountains? We got them. You like rivers and waterfalls? We got them. You like museums, castles and forts? We got them. You need a place to sleep? We got a list. You want to eat in a restaurant? We can recommend a few places. Regardless of the size of your budget, we can suggest something that would meet your needs. You do not have to be a Rockefeller to have a great vacation, but then again, if you wish to light your cigars with $1000 bills on a luxury yacht, you can do that too!

Legal stuff

When in Croatia is a website conceptualized and operated by Prescient d.o.o., a small privately owned firm from Zagreb.